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Mon May, 23 2022 @ 11:34
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Selbyville

Mon May, 23 2022 @ 08:06
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Swann Keys

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Fatal MVC - Cypress Road, west of Rt. 113
Friday, January 12, 2007

Selbyville Station 88, Gumboro Station 79, Sussex County EMS Medics 105 and 103, and DSP Trooper 2 were alerted for a single vehicle MVC, with entrapment, at the entrance of the Cypress Swamp. Upon the response of Command 88 with the Deputy (Lathbury) an update report was given of 4 total patients with 1 probable priority 4. Upon the arrival of Deputy 88, he confirmed the report and established Cypress Road Command. Engine 88-1, with 88-22 (Givans) as OIC, arrived and were tasked with vehicular stabilization and to assist with patient care. Upon the arrival of Rescue 79 and Rescue 88, crews were to assist with patient care. Ambulance B-88 transported one priority 1 patient to a safe LZ for rendezvous with Trooper 2. Ambulance B-79 transported 1 priority 1 patient, and Ambulance B-76 transported 1 priority 3 patient to PRMC. The situation was placed under control, holding Engine 88-1 and Command 88 for assistance to DSP. Units responding were : Engine 88-1, Engine 79-4, Rescue 88, Rescue 79, B-79, B-88, B-76,Medic 105, Medic 103, Trooper 2, and DelDot. A special thanks to the fire police units from stations 88 and 79 for traffic control and assistance.

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