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Structural Burn - Railroad Ave

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Thu Sep, 29 2022 @ 20:01
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Selbyville

Thu Sep, 29 2022 @ 14:05
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Selbyville

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Tree into a house - Clendaniel Avenue
Friday, September 1, 2006

The department was dispatched for a tree into a house on Clendaniel Avenue during the evening of Friday 9/1/06. Engine 88-1 with Chief 88 as OIC arrived to find a large tree had split, with half falling onto the C/D sides of the residence. Crews were placed onto the roof for tree removal and to check for the extent of property damage. Temporary repairs were effected to several small damaged areas. Engine 88-1, Rescue 88 responded.

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